House of Worship


Reach…  We began as Atlanta Soundworks in 1988 to provide high quality systems at affordable pricing to churches. Today, we are an industry leader in helping churches to creatively deliver their message to their audience. We work hand in hand with the church to establish their overall strategy on how they leverage technology to reach their community.


Design…  When it comes to delivering a message, the supporting technology must work when called to action and must be simple to use.  Systems installed by ASW are designed to provide years of reliability. Expertise runs through the veins of ASW. The ASW team includes actual Acoustical, Broadcast, and Electrical Engineers. It is easy to add “engineer”
as a title, but our engineers have proven backgrounds and experience. 


Solutions…  Great audio designs start with acoustical modeling.  ASW utilizes the latest software to accurately simulate how sound waves will disperse in a room. If architectural problems are causing an undesired result, we can produce an in-house acoustical treatment solution to resolve the problem.  Quality video designs start with the understanding of resolution, latency, and proper sizing of displays. We are experts in large format displays, video walls, and LED walls. Environmental design and theatrical lighting are key elements of using creative technology that help engage an audience. We design systems that will create the atmosphere that defines a client’s vision. ASW can provide systems that can provide remote church connectivity, IP video feeds, digital signage, and public internet streaming directly from the same source signals.  We understand the topology of networks so that we can easily send audio and video across the LAN or WAN.

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